Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Home Stretch

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! ... And all the other greetings I should have sent your way since my last post.

Things have been going quite well pregnancy-wise. In about two weeks, I'll be full term and ready to blow...
BUT it looks like labor itself is not in my future. Although the fabulous Dr. T. is willing to let me try for a VBAC, the past few ultrasounds indicate that Tarb2 is not in favor of one. He's floating in there in a nice diagonal position -not quite transverse but certainly not upside down. Dr. T. thinks it unlikely he'll go completely upside down and get his head engaged.

Two visits ago, she said that my CS with Tarb1 was perhaps due not just to arrested labor but CPD as well. This was certainly news to me because I thought I got cut up because my abnormally long cervix didn't efface and dilate. But she explained that while I had good, regular contractions, Tarb's head never engaged (stayed at the -3 position) and that could be an indication that my pelvis is just too small to accommodate a baby's head.

Tarb2's ultrasounds have been good. (We even caught him fiddling with his private parts a few weeks ago!) His femur and cranium constantly measure within range. His mid section is almost a week behind so he's skinny but Dr. T said it's nothing to worry about since they only start packing on lots of fat at 35wks onwards. Still, she said she would not let me try for a VBAC if this baby gets any heavier than 7lbs. precisely because of the afore mentioned CPD issues. Tarb was not a huge newborn. She weighed 6.2lbs when delivered at 37wks4days. And I'm not all that big either. When I got weighed at last week's visit, I had gained a total of 20lbs in this pregnancy. I gained at total of about 28lbs with Tarb.

The only problem I have with picking a birthday for this baby is that Dr. T. may have a bloody speaking engagement in Singapore on the weekend I was hoping to schedule a CS!!! So she may have to do it a few days before or after I'd wanted but said she'd inform me as soon as her plans were certain. She hasn't done so yet but I'm seeing her on Friday so we should know in a few days.

The check-ups and ultrasounds which have all gone quite well set my mind at ease but I still do get mini anxiety attacks about all the problems you can encounter in delivery. I'm not looking forward to the post-op period after the CS but I managed before and I'll manage again. Tarb2's looking good but I continue to pray for a good, strong, normal, healthy little boy.

Sending you all the best thoughts and wishes...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Looking Good So Far

The check up last week went very well. Tarb2 was not in an ideal position for the ultrasound and he wasn't moving much because I hadn't had breakfast prior to the check-up. But after I shifted positions from my back to my side, he finally turned around. The OB who did the u/s was not Dr. T as I had it done at the hospital and not Dr. T's other clinic where her own ultrasound machine is. Still, this OB had good bedside manner and explained everything that was on the monitor.

So in a nutshell, Tarb2's organs and measurements are pretty much on target - give or take a few days. Yaay! I'm always anxious before my check-ups - something I didn't experience much with my first Tarb. I guess after the sub.chorionic hem.orrhages were found in my first tri, I do have a tendency to worry.

Anyway, the OB who did the u/s was great because she snuck in a 3D image - something that wasn't included in what we paid for! So here is Tarb2 with a profile that looks not unlike his father...

This pregnancy is going by real fast. I think I have to pause and enjoy it more...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching Up

I've know I've been an absentee blogger but there hasn't been much news on my end. Still, I'll try to make it up with some nice photos from the past few days.

DH, Tarb and I got away from the city and stayed at a charming (though slightly over priced!!) bed and breakfast. The food and service was excellent so no complaints from me. Tarb loved it. The serve cheese and wine in the afternoons and warm milk and cookies at bedtime. "Best of all", they had Barney DVDs so Tarb was all like, "This is the best hotel EVER!!".

This was the view from our room... (annoyingly crooked shot but I didn't take it...)

The area surrounding a church we visited...

So here are some of the culinary delights we feasted on...

Not sure if this looks appetizing but I assure you it was an absolute delight to my palate - foie gras on caramelized figs. It totally satisfied. Our bodies really know what we need. I'm anemic (pregnant or not) and I've been seriously craving a meat and and anything with that iron-y taste.

DH started with oysters delicately arranged over pasta and topped with caviar. Don't ask me what was in the sauce. I dipped my spoon in it (didn't want to risk the oysters even if they were slightly cooked) and it was heaven.

Tarb took this picture of her order - pasta with sweet tomato sauce and sausage.

For our mains, DH and I split an order of rib eye steak. Here it is - medium - reflected in a divine peppery reduction.

Breakfast was nice too. I had pancakes and Tarb had Nut.ella filled french toast...

Have a check up on Thursday. Hoping and praying for more good news...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Definitely A Boy

On Tuesday we confirmed that Tarb2 is a boy! It wasn't too much of a surprise since we had an idea bout his gender since my last check up. Still, it was a relief to finally be sure and an even greater relief that everything else about him was looking good.

My next check up is in about a month. We'll do a more intense ultrasound - likely in 3 or 4D - to check all his organs. Praying for a great ultrasound then as well.

As for me, I have to confess to having a few apprehensions about being mom to a boy. At this point, I am completely clueless about how to bring up a boy. With Tarb being a girly girl like me in so many ways (as I like to think...!), nurturing her interests seems instinctive. What the heck do I know about the likes of Th.omas Tr.ain and the Teen.age Mu.tant Nin.ja Tur.tles?? It sounds frivolous... but that's what I've been thinking a lot about lately. That, on top of worrying/hoping/praying that this pregnancy continues on it's healthy course.

Anyway, thanks for all the good wishes and happy thoughts...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Been Over A Month??

I know it's been ages since I've blogged but i didn't realize it the moon had waxed and waned completely in all this time. Well, thankfully, I have mostly good news to report on my end.

I officially got off bed rest and went back to work on September 12th. So basically my two weeks of full bed rest was extended for another two weeks, meaning I was on my ass for four! It was actually, "modified bed rest" for the last two weeks (because one of the two bleeds I had was completely gone and the other had shrunk considerably at that point) which meant my OB allowed me to go out once in a while for very low key activities like a movie or dinner. And such activities could only be carried out once a day.

My last appointment was on the 11th and behold! There was not a bleed in sight. Also, Tarb 2 was happily exposing his/her crotch, Dr. T took a peek and saw something resembling family jewels jangling around there. She said: "I don't know EXACTLY what I'm seeing here but it looks like a pair of balls. It could be a bit of cord or very swollen vagina lips...but at this point, I'd say it's a boy". So DH asks her, like what percentage? She says, 90. DH was thrilled to bits and started calling and texting everyone. I was like, don't you want to wait till we're sure? He said, 90% is practically sure.

We'll find out for certain on my next check-up on the 9th. I've always said, I'd be perfectly happy with a girl. I wouldn't have to buy anything clothes or toys wise and more importantly, I feel like I wouldn't know how to raise a boy. (Who the heck are the Te.en Tita.ns, anyway?) But since my last visit, my mind's kinda been programmed to baby-boy mode. I've been thinking of boys' names. DH and I haven't agreed on anything though he and my dad have ganged up on me about this one name which I like but find too common. Whatever Tarb2 is, I just pray that he/she is healthy and born full term - no sooner, no later.

What else? The nausea toned down only last week but heck, I'm just glad it's gone. My appetite's improved a lot since the pukey feeling left. When I got weighed at my last check-up I hadn't gained any weight but I feel tons heavier now though I haven't stepped on a scale.

My tummy's considerably bigger too. In fact, I only felt that it had increased significantly in girth yesterday. And my colleague at work today was like, Ok you weren't that big last week. Still, it's a sartorial frustration because my regular clothes are impossible to close, yet my maternity stuff is still too big. And I don't look all that pregnant yet. Instead, I look like I really enjoyed what I had for lunch. I love meat and detest seafood - as was the case with my first pregnancy. I can take shrimps but fish and crabs have the most awful stench - at least as interpreted by my olfactory nerves. I've also been good about avoiding cola. In my first trimester I was constantly "sipping" from DH. He'd be like, Just take it. I'd say, No I can't - but I'd relish and finish the all cold, biting bubbly in his glass. Bad Mommy.

When I was allowed off bed rest, Dr. T also let me stop taking progesterone. I had hoped it'd make my skin settle down but alas, my complexion continues to be ravaged by raging hormones. I don't ever remember my face suffering an onslaught like this. With Tarb, I had the most radiant skin. Now I look like the girl who sang "I learned the truth at seventeen... That love was meant for beauty queens... And high school girls with clear skin smiles..." Hahaha but it truly is a very small price to pay.

Oh oh! Another thing is, I've started to feel Tarb2 moving around in there! I felt it for sure last week so I was about 15weeks then. With Tarb, I was 14 weeks when I first felt her. It was harder to discern this time if what I was feeling was the famous "quickening" or just all that gas rumbling in my intestines. I've been so gassy, I could solve the world's energy crisis.

Anyway, those are the basic updates from my corner of the world. I promise to read up on what's been happening with all of you...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Better But Still Grumpy

I'm glad to report that I feel better today compared to the past few. I'm not entirely sure why since today wasn't a whole lot different from those since my confinement. It must be the Ben & Jerry's I'm indulging myself with - the icy cold on your tongue, the smooth richness of the chocolate, the contrasting crunch of the nuts... it's the highlight of my day, it really is.

Admittedly, I'm still mostly on the grumpy side. DH tries to please me by giving me whatever I ask for from papayas to crossword puzzles to good ol' space but I'm hardly cheerful. I'd like to blame the hormones but that's a bit too convenient.

I've never been clinically depressed but my confinement has led be to a better understanding of depression. One of depression's definitions is the lack of desire for anything and that's exactly what I've been feeling. NO desire. Not even the desire to do something to make myself feel better.

Oh and I have NOT had a "pretty" day since I started on bed rest! The Du.phastone is making break out! And to think I had flawless, glowing skin during my first pregnancy! The picture of expectant maternal bliss! Now, my jaw line and neck are a tomato patch made in heaven. I also went on a leg shaving strike for six days. Very scary. You'll be happy to know that I put my razor to use two days ago. Though no one was more thrilled than DH.

Another day of bed rest down. Hopefully just 5 more to go.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stir Crazy

It's the 6th full day of bed rest and I may be going insane with boredom. There is seriously nothing decent on TV, I'm sick of what my DVD collection has to offer (including the stuff that I haven't seen yet!) and for some reason reading makes me restless. That sucks since there's at least four really good books I have yet to finish.

So that leaves me with stuff I just don't do like knit (ok, I learned when I was about seven but I never got addicted to it), crocheting which is completely beyond me (I've tried!), crossword puzzles which I think would makes me feel as restless as reading at this point, Sudoku puzzles (again something beyond me) and blogging which should keep me busy for at least the next 10 minutes. My Mac is a desktop and while Dr. T said I could "compute" for a while each day, it's really better to be in bed.

I was going to shop at iTunes but our net connection is sooo s l o w today and my credit is down to like $3! I don't dare let Tarb hear the 30 second samples of High School Musical 2 songs or that would be my credit good and gone. (Bad mommy!)

All in all, there's not much to complain about. DH has been quite patient. I mean, he grumbles about having to do errands like go to the bank (stuff he ordinarily doesn't have to think about because I take care of all that) but I'm like, hey, welcome to my world! He was even like, you mean I have to line up and wait? Uh, yeah buddy, unless your a multi-million Peso depositor you kinda have to queue up with us vermin. OTHERWISE, he's been buying me magazines and DVDs and calls me up constantly while at the mall, asking if I want this or that or just to tell me that the supermarket has new stock of Ben & Jerry's Super New York Fudge. Oh, and for once, I get to choose what we watch at night. Not too bad...

But I end up sleeping at about 2am now - even if I don't nap during the day. There's such a huge lack of activity in my routine that I just don't get sleepy. I remember this happened when I was unemployed! It's terrible. I can't stand tossing and turning in bed so I don't turn the lights off and try to sleep till my eyelids weigh a ton each.

Then there's a wee bit of anxiety thinking about my check up on the 30th. If Dr. T doesn't let me go back to work well, that'd suck financially. I have 15 days paid leave a year. I've used that up already. So no work, no pay. And the lovely thing about my status as a "star", is that I'm not a regular employee which means that I have absolutely no maternity benefits. (Oh, but I have makeup and clothes sponsors from time to time).

BUT let me say that going stir crazy and temporarily not earning money are still a small price to pay for producing a healthy 2nd Tarb. What wouldn't any of us do right?