Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Picture Page

Reproductive Jeans has a got a great idea. It's called The Picture Page. Breathe easy, it's not a tagging thing.

She figured that since most of us in blogland share so much of ourselves, except our true identities, there must be a (fun) way to share more of what we experience in real life - things that aren't necessarily about IF. And that's how she came up with The Picture Page. All you have to do is leave me (and everyone else participating) a comment and name a thing or things that you'd like me to post a picture of. So far the most common requests are things like, pets, the view from your bedroom, stuff in your handbag etc. etc. So what'd you like to see?

Ask and it shall be posted...


Samantha said...

How about your garden, or favorite outside spot?

Baby Blues said...

A cute picture of Bert! I miss that annoying little dog. Lol. :-)
Your favorite dish. (Or restaurant.)
Tarb's favorite toy.
Tarb's art work.
Something old and new.
Something borrowed.
Something blue.

Reproductive Jeans said...

So glad you are playing!!

I would like to see:
Tarb's bedroom (if thats too personal, just skip)
Your favorite T-Shirt
Where is your go-to store for every-day things
Your front door