Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CD7, Baby!

AF arrived on Monday. Gotta love her! She's a scientific explanation for bitchyness and she makes your boobs nice and "fluffy" for a few days.

Forty days for an unassisted cycle is not bad - certainly not for moi who's been known to go all the way to oh... CD90!

I've told myself, I'm really gonna make my peace with Just bite the bullet. Go through a few days of hell to get used to it and seriously get on the road to more productive ovaries. What's a few wretched days of toilet-bowl-breaking loose bowels for another baby after all, right? Pray for me! I keep telling myself, start the Met tomorrow... then I conveniently forget and then say, oh tomorrow and before you know it I'm singing the chorus like little orphan Annie. I'm going to do this. I HAVE to!

Aside from taking the Met (starting tomorrow...) this is the plan. CD12 will be on Friday so I need to be getting all randy and frisky next weekend. Sometimes the thought is "oh, that'll be fun... i think". But most of the time it's "oh crap, scheduled sex... pressure... how can we do it like we're doing it for fun?" Perhaps the most comforting thought is "at least it's on the weekend". Whatever... I'm not sure how I feel about it. Kinda excited, kinda not, kinda hoping he doesn't do anything to piss me off next weekend, kinda hoping I'm not hormonal and moody then.

I'm actually feeling very positive about IF - for the moment. I'm in one of those We Can Do It On Our Own frames of mind. We did it on our own once, we can do it again! Nothing is impossible! Miracles happen! Just do it! You miss 100% of the shots you don't take! Believe! It'll happen when the time is right! Never say never! Please, add to my cliches! For some strange reason they've really been working for me the past few days. Seriously! I am dispensing (Infertility Brand) sunshine - and it's for free. I don't do it often so here... catch!


Samantha said...

Glad you're feeling optimistic about our cycle and I'll take some sunshine! May the met be merciful.

Baby Blues said...

Send me some "Sunshine", extra strength please!

Glad you're feeling optimistic with your D.I.Y. cycle. You'll never know! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I'm on a break and loving it! I don't even know what cycle day I am on. No scheduled whoopee nor doctor's appointment. But I just started Met again and trying to get healthy for September.

SaraS-P said...

I'll take some sunshine, too! I am currently unmedicated, and the ovaries seem to have shut down! I may just get to CD 40, maybe even 90! Ack!

Good luck with braving the Met again!

Adrienne said...

Adding to the cliches: Just Do It! Think Positive! Good Things Can Happen! Go For It!

Thanks for the sunshine, Momcaster. I can really use it right now.

Good luck with this cycle!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Thanks for the sunshine!!

Buchiko said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting RTT! I especially loved it when the article said "You may feel betrayed by your body and become stressed over feeling stigmatized and robbed of your womanhood. But the truth is you're not a failure or freak." .. I almost burst a vein laughing! I guess using my sense of humor is my favorite stress management method to date =)

Btw, the whole timed shagging thing, REALLY takes a toll on the old roll in the hay .. but make the most out of it! Sunshine right back at ya!