Monday, April 9, 2007

Exactly A Month

It's been exactly a month since AF last visited. It's not like I was expecting her TODAY since she never comes on time anyway. But I am totally symptom-less. I don't even have her advanced party of lower back pain or minor cramps. I guess it's my fault because I haven't been taking the Met that I should. It's was a holiday here last week starting Thursday - it would have been the perfect time to take it... but I didn't. Honestly, aside from living in fear of taking the God awful stuff, on many occasions I just forgot.

Anyway, this leads me to ask again, if my LSH, FH and testosterone levels were all normal and DH's last SA was looking pretty good, why the hell am I not pregnant and why the hell am I not even ovulating?? I stupidly forgot to ask RE, Jr. that during the last consult.

So let's just make a deal AF, you come over asap and I SWEAR I will start taking the Met regularly to (hopefully!) keep you away for a good nine months.

Noom-nee-noom-nee-noom, I twiddle my fingers while waiting for an unwanted visitor. This is like starring in Groundhog Day.


Adrienne said...

Ovaries can be fickle bitches. Take mine, for example. Give them a taste of the good follicle-producing stuff and they can't seem to produce an egg without it. Or at least they can't seem to do it on time!

Samantha said...

My ovaries usually pay no attention to me, as you well know. I'm sorry yours have been misbehaving as well!

SaraS-P said...

I with you on having "normal" hormonal levels, but stubborn ovaries nonetheless. I can't wait for medical science to figure what messes with the ovaries besides PCOS (which I "definitely" don't have according to my RE).

I am fully expecting a long, drawn out and erratic cycle for my non-medicated cycle.

Baby Blues said...

It takes three months before the Met kicks in and takes effect. I didn't even reach three months! But there's a lot of success stories with Met and Pcos women so hang in there. I'll be joining you with Met soon. Yuck! Still dreading it.