Friday, March 9, 2007

Announcing The Arrival Of...


Of course she chose to arrive at a truly inconvenient time - at work, in the middle of my show! And she brought along presents like extreme bloatedness in all the wrong places and piercing lower back pain. Smile!

But I must say, I'm happy to see the old hag. Her arrival means that I can subject myself to a blood test over the weekend. And I don't really fear needles, so no problem there. As my Tarb says, "I'm brave of injections" - and she truly is. She doesn't cry. She'll maybe let out a whimper at most. And the freakiest thing of all - she LOOKS while they're doing it! Strange child...

Anyway, I need to pop an Advil to take the edge off AF's visit. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Baby Blues said...

I'm glad she's not afraid of needles. It's a sign! Little Tarb might end up to be a doctor someday. :-)

Finally Aunt Flo arrives! And yes... always perfect timing! She could be so indecisive, inconvenient and annoying!

Update us with your progress. Good luck! :-)

SaraS-P said...

I hate AF. Hope she doesn't stay long.

Take it easy! I have had some truly horrible AF experiences (probably related to my unexplained infertility issue, whatever it might be). I am hoping this one stays mild (fingers crossed).

Tarb sounds brave and cute!

Sarah said...

thanks for your comment, and goodluck this cycle! it's great to finally feel like things are going somewhere, right?