Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood Test

Went in for the blood tests my RE ordered, it being CD 3 today.

I was kind of annoyed because the med tech said he couldn't do the insulin test because I hadn't fasted overnight. But when I called the lab the day before, they said fasting wasn't really necessary if my doctor didn't specifically say so - and she didn't. To be sure, I texted "family doctor" Baby Blues and she said, I didn't really need to fast but it was best to have it done in the morning. Anyway, I have to go back tomorrow morning first thing to get it done. What a pain.

Speaking of pain, I almost died when they gave me the bill for the four tests: LH, FSH, testosterone and insulin. Bloody, frickin' hell man!!! &*^%$#@ It's like a joke The Powers That Be are playing on us. In this country, the poorest of the poor have no problems conceiving. They're baby factories. Families with eleven kids are NOT an uncommon thing for those at or below the poverty line. Then, here's me - seemingly barren but living quite comfortably. It's like the Universe is saying, "Hey, you can AFFORD to be infertile!" Oh hahaha, so funny, so clever. Thanks a lot!

Anyway, my Tarb was with me when I had the test done and she was just the cutest. She volunteered to hold my hand while it was all being done. And she said, "I might give you a lollipop after". (Standard procedure at her pedia's office - she's such a fabulous patient, she gets two).

The nursery is on the same floor as the lab, so the Tarb and I had a good look at the babies on the way out. There were only three of them and they were all wrapped like spring rolls in their blue and green blankets. When I told her they were all boys, she was like, I don't like them. Where's the girl? And providentially, she did get to see a baby girl when we got in the elevator. She was getting ready to go home.

I thought I might feel bad seeing the babies but I'd say it was more excitement. Ok, there was a teeny weeny weeny dull ache somewhere within but still, excitement was the overriding emotion. I guess it's because I know that I'm doing something more concrete to find out about and hopefully solve my infertility.

And by Thursday, I should have some answers.


SaraS-P said...

I know what you mean out the irony of poor women having huge families while there are affluent or at least comfortable women who can't seem to conceive! It seems so unfair!

And I guess poor communication in clinics is just universal!

Baby Blues said...

Oops sorry. I just didn't remember fasting, but then again, I didn't have my INSULIN taken. I overlooked that.

It's so damn expensive! The price we pay for a chance in getting pregnant. It's so unfair!

RTTguapa said...

haha ;p
no prob!
and yes, the price we pay for just the CHANCE to get pregnant is crazy.
i wouldn't mind so much if it were a sure thing but... it just isn't!

Samantha said...

I am sorry for annoyannce of not being able to get all of your tests done. Had that happen to be before too. Hope the test results you could do are good!

Baby Blues said...

Drop by Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters. They're having an open bar. :-)

The Town Criers said...

Here is the caipirinha you ordered.

Let's have a toast--here is to only good news tomorrow. May the RE call with fantastic results and a sound game plan.

I love how you describe the babies wrapped like spring rolls. Your daughter sounds so cute.